About Amathea

Amathea is a nationwide health service working in accordance with the law regarding termination of pregnancies.

Amathea offers:

  • information and counseling regarding choices related to pregnancy and abortion
  • consultation before and after abortion
  • ongoing support  during pregnancy
  • free pregnancy test and counseling on contraceptives
  • one-on-one conversations and couple’s counseling
  • birth preparation courses for those who are alone with their growing belly, and maternity groups for those preparing to become single mothers
  • Amathea offers services that contributes to society’s efforts to prevent unplanned pregnancy and abortion

Amathea contributes to further development of new knowledge and increased competence in society concerning women and the psychosocial challenges of unplanned pregnancy and abortion.

Our Services

Counseling All our counselors have at least 3 years of social and health education and extensive experience working with issues related to unplanned pregnancy and abortion.

Free All of our services are free, pregnancy test included.

Availability Our offer is nationwide, and we have 13 local offices around the country. Call our main phone number, 815 32 005, and a supervisor will put you through to your local office.


We are currently translating our new website into English. In the meantime, our apologies for any inconvenience due to the delay.