Our community assignment

Every year, thousands of girls and women in Norway decide whether to continue or cancel a pregnancy. In this situation, many are feeling pressured for various reasons.

In Norway women have the statutory right to self-determination abortion. This means that the woman is entitled to choose whether or not to complete the pregnancy. They are entitled to professional guidance when needed and must make a decision within 12 weeks.

Our mission is to reduce individual and social loads when a pregnancy is challenging. Amathea is a nationwide, specialized, low-threshold health service. With our expertise in counseling and preventive work on pregnancy and abortion, we complete the healthcare system in general.

Amathea offers:

  • information and counseling regarding choices related to pregnancy and abortion
  • consultation before and after abortion
  • ongoing support  during pregnancy
  • free pregnancy test and counseling on contraceptives
  • one-on-one conversations and couple’s counseling
  • birth preparation courses and maternity groups for those preparing to become single mothers
  • Amathea offers services that contributes to society’s efforts to prevent unplanned pregnancy and abortion

Amathea contributes to further development of new knowledge and increased competence in society concerning women and the psychosocial challenges of unplanned pregnancy and abortion.

Help to make your own choices

Our goal is that everyone should feel strengthened after coming out of a demanding situation or crisis. In order to succeed with this work it is crucial to be prepared and identify challenges before they develop. We strive to make girls, women and couples equipped to take responsibility themselves and be able to stand for their choice. Our focus is to help each individual to make their independent choices, based on their own prerequisites. We have no facet responses or guidelines, but experience and expertise to create time and room for reflection.