Mission statement

Amathea's methodology is based on seeing the individual. This applies to how we relate to each other internally in the organization, and especially in meeting with our clients and collaborators. We build on the resources and answers contained in each one of us.

Amathea's core values:

Independence - In independence we find the basis for recognition, development and responsibility. Independence is a prerequisite for making real choices and safeguarding your own interests.

Recognition - We deal carefully with people and situations in a respectful and neutral manner. Our starting point is how people themselves experience and describe their situation.

Expertise - Since we are working on existential issues, competence is crucial. We have professionally competent employees, a culture and systems that manage knowledge and experience, for users, health professionals and society in general.

Everybody should be able to live well with their choices

Amathea's goal is that everyone should be able to live well with their choices.

It is the girl or woman's choice of what she wants to complete or abort the pregnancy.

Our task is to make sure that the girl or woman gets time to think through her choices of action and finds the best outcome for her. Therefore, it is so important that each person makes their conscious choices without the experience of compulsion or well-meaning influence from their surroundings.

By securing girls and women's own independent choices, we take care of their right to decide over their own body and their own lives without shame. This is fundamentally important while at the same time it leads to the best solution for both the user and the community.