Aborted pregnancy

Abortion is the short term for an aborted pregnancy. A distinction is made between:
* Miscarriage: Pregnancy terminates itself.
* Induced abortion: Pregnancy is interrupted by a surgical or medical procedure.

Miscarriage: A miscarriage means that pregnancy is interrupted by itself. 10-25% of all initiated pregnancies end in a miscarriage, and therefore it is not uncommon for a woman to experience this one or several times. Most miscarriages occur before the 12th week of pregnancy. The cause of miscarriage is usually faults in the embryo that has attached itself to the uterus, thus making it nonviable.

Induced abortion: The law on abortion gives women the right to have an abortion before the end of the 12th week of pregnancy. After that, the woman must apply to a committee where a decision is made in consultation with the woman.

Medical abortion: Is conducted in hospitals (women’s clinics), and is free of charge. It is common practice to go to the hospital twice: Initially for a preliminary examination, and then for the procedure itself. During the second hospital visit it is common for the woman to stay for 4-6 hours.

Surgical abortion: Is conducted at a hospital (surgical ward), and is free of charge. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts for 15-30 minutes. Many hospitals prefer that women undergo a medical abortion -> If you encounter any problems at the hospital, please contact us for assistance.

Home abortion : Most major hospitals in Norway have also started providing aid for home abortions, allowing the woman to stay at home while taking her medicine. Certain rules apply to this procedure:

  • the woman must be over the age of 18
  • she must be accompanied by another adult
  • she may not live farther than one hour away from the hospital

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