Rights and obligations

She determines the outcome of pregnancy, but you also have rights and obligations.

It usually takes two to create a pregnancy, but she decides whether pregnancy should be completed or ending with an abortion. In Norway women have the statutory right to self-determination abortion. This means that the woman is entitled to choose whether or not to complete pregnancy.

Your rights and obligations if she chooses to complete the pregnancy

  • If a mother is married at the time of birth the husband will automatically be registered as the father.
  • When parents are cohabitants the father will have to acknowledge paternity. Parents who live together when the paternity is established, have shared parental responsibility for common children
  • If you are not married or cohabitants, you can accept the paternity and, have visitation rights with the child. You can decide if you want to accept the paternity before or after birth
  • You can choose to accept the paternity even if you do not want or have the opportunity to be an active father
  • You can not refuse paternity if you are a biological father of the child
  • You are required to contribute financially until the child is 18 years old. This also applies if you choose not to be a active father to the child

Paternity and Parental Responsibility

Parental responsibility is not the same as caring responsibility. Parental responsibility is the right and obligation the parents have to decide according to personal circumstances for the child. When the parents do not live together when the paternity is established, the mother has parent responsibility alone. Parents can agree that they have shared parental responsibility.

Can I be certain I’m the father?