Offer to women from minority backgrounds

Norway is a multicultural society, with many minorities. Pregnancy and cohabitation are areas where the differences are evident, across cultures and generations.

Our counselors work with people with all sorts of backgrounds and are used to relate to ethnicity issues. Amathea acknowledges that this can be challenging and has the necessary resources to help in many different situations.

Talk to a counselor at 815 32 005 or contact us on chat at (weekdays from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm)

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Specialist in minority health

Since the summer of 2005 Amathea has been employing Sadia Abdi Hasse, who is of Somali ethnicity and educated in Norway, in a consultancy position to contribute in particular to our focus on minority health. She adds a cultural competence to Amathea, as well as expertise in women’s health and gender-based violence in general, and genital mutilation in particular.

As a professional with special knowledge about female genital mutilation Safia Abdi Hasse conveys Amathea’s offer through teaching and lectures. She also provides general sex education and advice on contraception.

Phone number for Safia Abdi Hasse: +47 95 87 14 27